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China Tax Alert

Description                                     Last Updated

TBS-CTA-2015031                                   31 August 2015

SAT Bulletin [2015] No.59

Notice regarding Issues Related to Input Valued-added Tax Credits

before a Taxpayer is Recognized or Registerred as a General Taxpayer


TBS-CTA-201416                                    12 June 2014

SAT Bulletin [2014] No.29

Notice regarding Certain Issues Related to Taxable Income

in Enterprise Income Tax


TBS-CTA-201401                                    30 January 2014

SAT Bulletin [2014] No.3

Notice regarding Tax Deductible Inventory Losses

by Commercial Retail Enterprise


TBS-CTA-201333                                    23 December 2013

Cai Shui [2013] No.106

New Rules on VAT Reform


China Laws and Regulations Update 

Description                                     Last Updated

TBS-CLR-201202                                    30 March 2012

Accounting Standards for Small-sized Enterprises