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Description                                     Last Updated

TBS-CTA-201208                                    28 August 2012

Cai Shui [2012] No.71

Extension of VAT Pilot Program to Eight Provinces and Cities


TBS-CTA-201203                                    27 February 2012

Cai Shui [2011] No.131 (“Circular 131”)


TBS-CTA-201104                                    23 August 2011

Revision of the Individual Income Tax Law


TBS-CTA-201103                                    08 August 2011

SAT Bulletin [2011] No.34


TBS-CTA-201102                                    15 July 2011

SAT Bulletin [2011] No.30


TBS-CTA-201101                                    21 June 2011

Notice to strengthen the IIT on enterprise promotion gifts


China Laws and Regulations Update 

Description                                     Last Updated

TBS-CLR-201110                                    19 August 2011

SAT Bulletin related to the timing of VAT obligation, EIT related to China

holding resident enterprise registered in overseas countries...


TBS-CLR-201109                                    05 August 2011

Revised Individual Income Taxation Law Implementation Rules...


TBS-CLR-201108                                    19 July 2011

SAT Bulletin on EIT related to enterprises’ selling restricted shares of listing

companies, annual declaration approach...


TBS-CLR-201107                                    05 July 2011

China Social Insurance Law and Implementation Rules


TBS-CLR-201106                                    22 June 2011

SAT Bulletin related to IIT burdened by the employer concerning employees’

annual bonus, and expansion of "Exemption , Set Off and Refund Method"

on VAT...


TBS-CLR-201105                                    20 June 2011

Notice of strengthening the high-income individuals’ IIT, notice related to IIT

on enterprise promotion gifts...


TBS-CLR-201104                                    15 April 2011

Bulletin related to income tax management on non-resident enterprise,

and income tax regulation on deductible assets loss...


TBS-CLR-201103                                    03 March 2011

Notice related to continuing implement preferential enterprise income tax

treatment to small and low-profit enterprise


TBS-CLR-201102                                    28 February 2011

National Tax Authority bulletin related to manner of invoice stamp, China

invoice management measure implementation detailed rules...


TBS-CLR-201101                                    02 February 2011

Income tax related to resident enterprise's technique sales, business tax

about individual house sales...


TBS-CLR-201005                                    20 June 2010

Business tax exemption about International freight service, enterprise income

tax implementation guide about rental, debt restruction, share transferring

income etc...


TBS-CLR-200903                                    30 November 2009

Individual income tax implementation guide and regulations related to incentive

share option...


TBS-CLR-200902                                    03 August 2009

Enterprise income tax regulations related to accelerated depreciation method

of fixed assets, technique ownership transfer, assets loss...


TBS-CLR-200901                                    10 April 2009

Enterprise income tax regulations related to employees salaries and welfare

expenses, commission etc. and simply VAT collection regulations...