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"Trusture" is the brand under which we deliver a full range of audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to national, multinational and growth enterprise clients in China. “Trusture” comes from the “Trust” and “Future”. The trust placed in us must never be taken for granted, and the principles and values in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are an integral part of the rigorous commitment to our clients. Trust us like how you trust the future!

Company History

Trusture is established by the professionals who worked in Big 4. With the considerable experience in China accounting system, Company Act, taxation laws, we aim to deliver high quality services over client’s expectation.


Our approach to services begins with an understanding the business of our clients and their potential business risks. Over the years, together with the business conditions and regulations becoming more complex, management may find that they have not enough time or resources to keep fully updating on regulatory changes. We ensure our clients are fully informed and received appropriated advisory services for their particular lines of businesses.

 Industry Knowledge for China Market

China's rapid development attracts foreign investors as both a manufacturing base and a marketplace. China is also a challenging place to do business. Its Chinese characteristics business model and human communication manner makes many foreign investors and domestic business owners feel confused about how to conduct their business.


We strive to provide foreign investors with reliable, independent professional advice on national and local issues as they establish and expand their business in China. Our China marketplace knowledge enables us to help foreign investors understand the China standards and become more localized and competitive. We also deliver service to the local companies to help them adapt to international standards, get preparation to attract overseas partners and opportunities, being more internationalized.